Sunday, January 26, 2014

studio calico february sneaks

hey hey.
I can't even believe it's time for february sneaks. hello, january..? how are you almost over?
Anyway, this kit, Sugar Rush, is full of everything you'd expect in a february kit and lots of brand new CHA goodies. And you know new scrap goods are the most fun.

I played with the main scrapbook kit and all the add ons. I also threw in a few tags and mister hueys...ya know...for good measure.

If you are a fan of mini books you might want to check out the brand new mini workshop lineup. Some of your fave creative team members are bringing you a mini book for each season! You can sign up for one workshop ($10) or take advantage of early bird discount pricing and get them all at a reduced rate, $32 (but that early discount ends on 1/31, so hurry). Check it all out &  sign up here.
The full reveal is tomorrow at noon CST for subscribers and midnight for everyone. See you there!

Friday, January 10, 2014

come (virtual) crop with me

It's friday (yay) and it's also the weekend of CHA. That means it's time to get our crop on.  Get your supplies ready. Grab your favorite snack. Power up the computer and head over to Studio Calico. There will be cool challenges, fun q & a's and of course, prizes. I'll be up with a 10am challenge on saturday that has to do with this something going on in a layout like this:
And no, it's not a challenge to use a photo with your child wearing actual duck feet taped to their head. Sorry to disappoint ;)
But feel free to use a duck feet photo if you have one. Bonus points for that.
While you are there, check out the amazing class life | scripted with artist Kal Barteski that will be taking place the month of February. Pretty excited about this one.

Happy Friday. Whoop! See you at SC.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

create an embellishment frame

I love embellishments. I think that might be my favorite part of scrapbooking. Because I run a thin line between embellishment saver to embellishment hoarder (ahem) I decided to come up with a fun way to actually use them.  Enter in an embellishment frame! January's Copper Mountain kit from Studio Calico has some awesome embellishments. I had created four layouts with the kits and still had so many great bits & pieces left that I decided to use as many as possible on one last layout. Here's how:
To create a perfectly imperfect shape for the embellishments, I used spray ink as my guide. Here, I decided to use a grey cardstock background and white Mister Huey. I simply took the lid off and used the plastic piece to draw a circle, bigger than the photo I planned to use in the middle. 
To keep the layout a bit uniform, I choose embellishments in a similar color scheme...neutral colors, with yellow, blues, and bits of a pinkish orange. I laid out some of the bigger pieces as a guide of where I wanted them to go.
Any color of thread would work, but I used a metallic silver. The circle of ink gave a rough guide of where to sew. I did about 4 laps, sewing over the lightbulb and star die cuts. 

After that, it's just a matter of placing bits and pieces where you like. Having the bigger embellishments sewn down means you just have to go back and fill in the gaps. I placed the exclusive-to-the-kits wood veneer circles, stamped images and chipboard circles first, then went back and added in smaller embellishments like sequins and enamel dots. A few splatters of ink , place the photo, stamp a mini title and done!

A great way to actually use those embellishments and make an interesting layout at the same time. Interested in starting a Studio Calico subscription? There are three different kits to choose from and right now, new subscribers receive a free Blue Note kit when signing up! Depending on the kit you sign up for, enter in that specific promo (scrapbook kit enter: COPPERSB, card kit enter: COPPERCARD, or project life kit enter: COPPERPL) to get your free it. Check it all out here.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy new year!
Today on the Studio Calico blog, some creative team members shared resolutions of the crafty variety. While I have several things I hope to change/improve upon in the new year, it is fun to think of those that pertain to crafting. For me, I really want to keep this space less cluttered, simplified and more inspiring. I think the first two will take care of the last one.
I want to update this blog. Esthetically, it isn't what I wish it was and I want to change that in the new year. I also hope to take my camera out more often. I've become an iphone photo only kind of person and while that is perfectly fine, I'm never going to learn how to use my dslr if it just sits on my desk.
I took a weaving class several months ago and loved it. I also miss rug hooking, fiber arts in general really. I want to find, no MAKE,  the time to do more of that this year.
And as far as scrapbooking goes, I want to experiment more. I love trying new things. I love stretching the comfort zone and learning. The new february class at Studio Calico with Kal Barteski will be a fab way to start. Life | Scripted all about learning the ins and outs of using brush script with your own handwriting. I'm not a fan of my own handwriting so this will definitely be a way to jump in the new year, stretching my comfort zone with scrapbooking. Can't wait to learn and incorporate some of this in my future projects. You can read more about the class, watch a video and sign up here. Bonus: if you order your supplies before Jan 7, they will ship free. Sign up ends the end of this month.
Enjoy your first day of 2014.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

simple new year's garland

It's new year's eve. Can't believe tomorrow will be 2014. I am ready.
I really don't decorate or do much in the way of new year's decorations. I'm still all decorated out from christmas...which still needs to be taken down. I'll do that tomorrow. Maybe.
But I did come across this easy little do it yourself. Wal-Mart had a fun, cheap section of NYE items, including this gold glittery "cheers". It is suppose to be a table top piece (notice the slots at the bottom), but I punched holes across the top and hung it up using metallic black/gold baker's twine. I could have trimmed the slotted section off the bottom, but I was going for quick. I like how it looks strung across the calendar for the new year. I'm sure it'll be there awhile. 

Any fun plans for the last night of 2013? We are having a little family night, just us 4, with food and games and my jersey shore mani. (if you have no idea what I mean by that, check out my instagram feed: lexibridges).
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

make a mini dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers seem to be gaining in popularity. I'm a huge fan. I recently took a photo of the first snow of the season and the photo happened to have a dreamcatcher hanging in the corner of it. When I went to scrap the photo with Studio Calico's January kit, Copper Mountain, I wanted some way to incorporate a dreamcatcher. I also wanted a unique way to use the exclusive wood veneer piece in the kit. So, why not make a mini version as an embellishment?
I took the wood veneer bubble and did something crazy--I cut it apart. It may splinter a bit, but that is okay. Imperfections will be covered up. Don't have a wood veneer circle piece? Try using a circle you've cut out from heavy cardstock or even cardboard. It doesn't have to be a perfect circle. The best dreamcatchers aren't perfect ;)
Using embroidery thread and a large eyed needle, I wound a bit of the thread on the circle. I realized at this point it would be best to add in the center threads before going further. I took metallic gold embroidery thread and zig zagged around the circle. You just have to try wrapping it to get a feel for where you want it. A bit of quick dry glue helps hold it in place.
To ensure my gold threads would stay where I wanted them to while I was wrapping the black threads, I used a mini binder clip. It also made for a great little handle. Once you get to the end of wrapping your black thread, leave it. Don't cut it off.
To make the smaller circle, I just repeated the exact same process.  Start wrapping your gold threads, secure it with glue and take the length of thread you left from the bigger circle to start wrapping your smaller circle, leaving some space in the middle so it will hang freely.
Instead of beads, I used a few of the stamps in the kit and embossed some mini triangles with gold embossing powder. It created the perfect little accents to dangle from a few threads I wrapped around the edges.
Yay--a mini dreamcatcher! Perfect for Barbie's dream house or a scrapbook layout.
To attach the dreamcatcher to the layout, I added a few glue dots. Hard to imagine this unique, handmade embellishment, came from a wood veneer circle, but it did and is perfect for this layout. Curious as to what I did with the other piece of the bubble veneer? Check out this post here. If you have any questions, ask away!

Friday, December 27, 2013

reveal day // studio calico january kit

It's here! Studio Calico's January kit Copper Mountain is live and full of awesome.
The main this month is my favorite. I realize this is my first month on the team, so really, how could it not be my fave, but it's going to be hard to top this kit in my opinion. Wood grain, navy & green, labels, two vellum alphas, lots of embellishments & that stamp set! A fave for sure.
These first two layouts are main kit only. I only added vellum. I like how they are very different projects, but come from the same set of supplies.
The exclusive wood veneer bubble piece in the main kit has so much potential. On this layout , I painted it white and filled in some circles with vellum, some with embellishments and a few with patterned paper. I think the pairing of the bubbles with the tub photo was meant to be. The circles on the bottom mimic that bubble theme. The story behind this photo: little boys laughing it up in the bathtub. I sneak and see that they have been playing with a bath crayon, drawing mean faces and working on division. Ha! Then Aven draws an arrow on Paxton's back pointing to his bum with the word "butt' above it and they seriously laughed for about 5 straight minutes. Boys.
This layout just says "winter" to me, which is exactly what it is about. I love snow and we don't live in an area that always receives that much. We had a beautiful, first snow here at the beginning of December and I sat in my scrap room looking out the door thinking...this is so peaceful and perfect. It's so still when it snows. I added watercolor dripping on the white cardstock and typed my journaling on the vellum before laying it over the cut out paper feathers. I wanted the layout to retain that peaceful, still it possible for layout to do that?, but I also wanted to focus a bit on that dreamcatcher that was in the photo. I'll have a whole post on the making of that mini dreamcatcher tomorrow :)

*using Copper Mountain (main), Fremont Glades and Slingshot (add on kits) 
This photographed a kinda greenish striped background, but is more neutral in real life. Again with the woodgrain. I can't stop myself. I punched some woodgrain snowflakes with sequin centers and placed them like they were falling with a few yellow triangles to match the yellow in other parts of the layout. The boys wanted me to play in the snow with them and you know how it have 96365234 other things that need to get done, but on this day I decided the dishes can wait. So we played in the snow and then came in for hot cocoa and you know what? The dishes were still there :)  I used a couple die cut files from this month, the heart & blessed quote. I loved that die cut file this month. It was perfect for how I was feeling about remembering this moment. My cut didn't come clean and while that might stress some people out, I loved the look and left it.
 I love scrapping a mix of sizes. I took a cue from P's green coat to incorporate some of the green accents with the rub ons and printables. That tag (which I think is screen printed) oh, man. I wish I had multiples. I wanted to hoard it. But I didn't :) We went adventuring on this day to what the boys call icicle cave. I thought it was appropriate to add a piece of the map paper with the north pole on this one.
I made this layout last, in record time. I just had too many awesome embellishments to not use and I wanted a fun way to throw several of them in. I think an embellishment frame like this is a great way to use up bits and pieces you might have leftover from a kit. I'm sure I'll do it again sometime. It's just too easy and fun. I kept it from going too far in to crazy town by limited the colors I used. (Although I do love a trip to crazy town now and again. ;)) I added in a bit of white Mister Huey. I already had this photo printed in black & white and loved how it looked paired with these colors. Little bro is curled up by big brother while he teaches him how to read. I was hoping it might be a lightbulb moment for him. Ok. That was cheesy. But I do think the lightbulbs work with this.
If you aren't a layout maker, check out this month's card and Project Life kits. Just as awesome. This month there are two Project Life add on kits, Storm King (cutest stamp set) & Union Meadows (love the alpha rub on) as well as a super cute valentine card set. In my cart this month will be the Project Life kit for myself as I contemplate how to approach that project in 2014, a couple of handbooks, and the scripture cards (love these!).
Remember: if you are a subscriber these links will work for you. Yay! If not, you can still purchase, but not until midnight EST when the links are live. Can't wait to see what you all create with Copper Mountain!